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What is Blogmas?

Hello 🌬️December❄️! And with that hello...

Welcome, 🎁Blogmas🎄! 

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas can best be described as an advent calendar for the blogging world. Every day between the first of December and Christmas you can click on my blog and have a new fun Christmas🎄/Winter❄/Holiday🎆 blog post!

There are some really great blogs out there participating in Blogmas as well. Check out some I mention below↘↘↘. 

Be sure to check back every day leading up to Christmas for some great posts!

Here are some great ideas to help you with your Blogmas posts:

  1. Christmas gift ideas for her
  2. Christmas gift ideas for him
  3. DIY Christmas Gifts
  4. Favorite Christmas recipes
  5. Healthy Christmas snack ideas
  6. How to make a gingerbread house
  7. What to buy for your secret Santa
  8. Favorite Christmas songs
  9. What are your Christmas traditions?
  10. Volunteering at Christmas time – document the day
  11. How to make Christmas pudding
  12. Christmas cocktail recipes
  13. DIY Christmas stockings
  14. Christmas wish list
  15. Top 10 Christmas cookie recipes
  16. Practical gifts for bloggers
  17. Holiday outfit ideas
  18. Things I love about Christmas
  19. Shop locally this Christmas
  20. DIY Christmas ideas for kids
  21. Favorite childhood Christmas memory
  22. What does Christmas mean to you?
  23. Christmas day menu ideas
  24. Last-minute gift ideas
  25. How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey
  26. How are you counting down to Christmas?
  27. 10 Ways to celebrate Christmas in style
  28. Christmas tree reveal
  29. Stocking filler gift ideas
  30. Christmas through the years (showcase photos from past Christmases)
  31. Favorite Christmas Story
  32. How to have “The Santa talk” with your children
  33. Christmas party playlist
  34. DIY Christmas cards
  35. The perfect Christmas cookie recipe
  36. Who will you be spending Christmas with?
  37. Top 10 Christmas movies
  38. Letter to Santa
  39. Holiday bucket list
  40. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  41. DIY Santa Hat
  42. Christmas eve traditions
  43. Christmas platter ideas
  44. Christmas cake recipe
  45. Where to shop online this Christmas
  46. How to make shortbread
  47. The true meaning of Christmas
  48. Events happening at Christmas time
  49. A reflection on the year
  50. Christmas cake recipe
  51. DIY advent calendar ideas
  52. The perfect Christmas stuffing
  53. How to host the perfect Christmas party
  54. Christmas Jokes
  55. Christmas rum ball recipe
  56. Top 10 Christmas YouTube videos
  57. Christmas card ideas
  58. A Christmas road trip
  59. How to make a Christmas wreath
  60. DIY Christmas nativity
  61. Elf on the shelf pictures and idea
  62. What does Christmas day look like in your household?
  63. Favorite Christmas book
  64. Christmas items you can’t live without
  65. Grandmas Christmas Recipes
  66. Christmas Quotes
  67. DIY Christmas wrapping paper
  68. Christmas on a budget
  69. Christmas punch recipe
  70. Christmas gift ideas for dad
  71. Christmas gift ideas for mum
  72. Christmas gift ideas for grandparents
  73. Christmas crafts
  74. The best eggnog recipe
  75. Christmas decoration wish list
  76. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
  77. Why family is important at Christmas time
  78. Christmas in your community
  79. Annual family Christmas photos
  80. Christmas games for kids
  81. Inexpensive Christmas gifts
  82. DIY Tree Topper


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